How to remove all friends from facebook at once

Hello Friends Today in this article i am talking about “how to remove all friends from facebook at once” So let’s talk in details.

Some People believe that when they add so many friends,they will be greatly appreciated on their posts,with lots of likes & comments that they can be very popular.

If you create a group then you think how we reach 1 million or 2 million members,Some people use their facebook profile for group,they add lots of friends to it,then add them to the group and remove all those friends that added in groups and make new friends again in their profile and then again that makes it more than the number of members in group.

This is the reason because people remove facebook friends:
Manage Group and Add new members.
Maximum Friends Reach.
This is the reason because add maximum friends in facebook:
To add new members in group.
Get likes & comments on post.
Increase page likes.
Here is how to remove all friends from facebook at once:
First open your chrome browser.
Click on right top corner that showing 3 dots.
Now find More tools >> Extension
In Extension open chrome web store and search “Friend Remover Pro”
Install Friend Remover Pro.
After install see this app in right top corner see screenshots below.

Now open this extension.
This app open in new tab
In App Click on select all button and click Remove friends (See Screenshot below)

After clicked on remove friends button you can see this page and wait till it show “All friends removed Successfully.

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How to remove all friends from facebook at once

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